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Review: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Posted by gambit50 on June 9, 2008

Dinosaur BBQ, Harlem, New York, New York

Ah, the quest for decent or even good barbeque in NYC. Tough task. Yes, the masses love this place and that. Well, sugary crap is a lure for many. Look at typical diets and what is contained within. Dinosaur gets some pretty good comments but fewer due to its location, far uptown. Read the rest of this entry »


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Review: Sparks Steak House

Posted by gambit50 on May 21, 2008

Sparks Steak House, Midtown East, New York, NY

Sparks, the famous, infamous, New York steakhouse institution. Why not start with this one since I just decided to write a few steakhouse reviews?

You all know or can read about the Mafia connections, the business clientele, the cheesy atmosphere, etc. I do agree that this is definitely not the sexiest, coolest joint in town but this is about food and I do believe that Sparks has not gotten its proper due during the last few years, at least, because it is not chic or new or anything of that nature. However, there are some decently sized issues.

Whether you are a suit or a trendoid hipster, I do not think the décor at Sparks is very impressive. Read the rest of this entry »

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Review: Shorty’s .32

Posted by gambit50 on May 14, 2008

Shorty’s .32, Soho, New York, NY

Finally, I am writing a review of a dining experience from within the last few days. I know, everyone has been waiting with baited breath.

Shorty’s .32(call it Shorty’s) is a new, small(32 seats) venture from Josh Eden who struck out on his own after 12 years cooking under the Jean-George. It has received very good, if not spectacular, reviews. Since Shorty’s aims to be a low key spot with great food and not a most fanciful experience nor a celebrity eatery with hard to get tables, the lack of pure ecstasy in the reviews is not unexpected. Between the general public good reviews, the professional good reviews and one personal recommendation, I put it on the list of new places to try. Read the rest of this entry »

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Review: al di la

Posted by gambit50 on May 6, 2008

al di la, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

Al di la is an Italian joint in Park Slope that has been getting very good reviews for years. I was staying in Park Slope myself, awhile back, and instead of venturing into Manhattan as I normally would, I decided to try one of Brooklyn’s more touted offerings that was not of the simple, ethnic food variety.

Two of us walked in on a Saturday evening during the summer. We did not wait long for a table though there are no reservations and it is supposedly usually quite packed. Read the rest of this entry »

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