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Review: Dylan Prime

Posted by gambit50 on June 4, 2008

Dylan Prime, Tribeca, Manhattan, New York

A steakhouse catering to a different clientele than the usual in an odd location(at least I think so). This was a trendy starter back when it opened with a slick d├ęcor, near Soho/Tribeca border, basically a few traits that would appeal to a younger, sexier crowd than the old guard steakhouses. Seriously, Laight Street?

Though it is hard to completely screw up the dark, sexy interior of a restaurant if one is not too bold there are better and worse results. It is somewhat dark, as expected, but not too dark. This is a common problem to me. Read the rest of this entry »


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Review: MarkJoseph Steakhouse

Posted by gambit50 on May 25, 2008

MarkJoseph Steakhouse, Financial District, New York, New York

The original Peter Luger clone. Former employees copying the winning formula and transplanting it to Manhattan. Unfortunately, this is not mathematics and copied formulae do not guarantee the same success. So, let us see how this went.

I was turned onto MarkJoseph by one of my closer acquaintances and his roommate who lived in Battery Park City. They praised it, saying it was very close in quality to Luger and in Manhattan and easy to walk into. Read the rest of this entry »

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Review: The Post House

Posted by gambit50 on May 25, 2008

The Post House, Upper East Side, New York, New York

The Post House is not one of the most talked about steakhouses in Manhattan. It is not a sexy type of place and it not in the few block radius of business hubbub, though close enough for me nor is it the type of place that the stodgy, money crowd of the Upper East Side would be slave to. Well, that is how I would guess it would be. Thus it is interesting to reveal what is within.

The Post House is located within or adjacent to the Lowell Hotel. It gives the usual pleasant vibe from the outside, that whole quiet feel of the townhouse blocks in the neighborhood. At this point it could lead to the UES crowd that I am no big fan of. Read the rest of this entry »

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Review: Peter Luger

Posted by gambit50 on May 23, 2008

Peter Luger, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

Another steakhouse review. This time, THE steakhouse review. Yes, I have spoiled the ending and will say that it is the best in the city, period. Proponents of lesser meat houses might gripe that I have not been to all of the venues of good name but I have learned to avoid rubbish. I do not need to go everywhere to know that they are not good or not good enough.

Most of the great things you will read ad nauseum about P. Luger are true. Best meat, off location, limited menu, not the fanciest of settings, difficult reservations, etc. are true. I almost feel as if writing more than 10 lines about this place is a waste but I will waste our collective time anyway, just in case I have something useful to point out.

The Williamsburg location is not exactly in the middle of anything nice or useful though it is now on an edge of the great development of the area. Read the rest of this entry »

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