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Author Background

I was born, raised and lived in NYC most of my life. My father is European(sorry, have to try to keep the anonymity) and my mother, American. I was fed home cooked meals, almost exclusively, as a child. This was real cooking. Most American families merely heat up packaged goods or put in a mix or other nonsense like that and then would tell you they “cooked”. This was not the food that I ate, not to say that my mother was rolling pasta from scratch or that we were churning our own butter, but all ingredients were basic, non-processed goods.

Now, I am not going to tell you that this was the best food ever. How many people do you hear that from, “Oh, my mother makes the best …..?” How often is it even close to true? The answer to the first question is a much larger number. There are a few great home cooks and many good ones(and many more mediocre). I will say what I ate was from the latter. That seems to be a reasonable assessment, give or take. Not only it is probably accurate but juicing up the quality of something that associated with oneself is not my style, as it is for most. How good was it? That is hard to say at this point in time given my age and the raised standards.

Eating out during my teenage through college years was mostly a disgrace, in my mind. Chain food, mostly, and a few restaurants. I would be sick now eating at 95% of those places now. Actually, I would never go to them. I hated and still hate the city where I went to university but that will be discussed in more depth in another place. I had even eaten in a couple of what were supposed to be the better restaurants and even back then, we I was ignorant enough to eat what I did, I was unimpressed. At least through those later years I learned that ALL the pizza was gross in town and to hate chain restaurants.

After all the learning was done with, I moved back to NYC and within a year or two began to dine with a serious intent. The transition was quick and smooth. I upped my standard of expectation based upon some meals that I had. That standard has been raised a bit more through the years but it is more about sifting through everything, comparing, evaluating, etcetera since I have been to the summit, I feel qualified to judge everything.

If I am not knowledgeable about a topic, I will surely say so and will defer. I tell people it is almost pointless to tell others of how good you are or your great qualities because it seems inherently biased and you should be judged by a quantitative system or by others with no bias. However, I promise that I am honest and have no agenda other than to run the food gamut through my critical filter. I hope that some people find my system useful in order to improve their food experience and/or to skip some of the many food horrors and sideshows that exist.

Finally, in case people are wondering or perhaps it is a reason to use or ignore my writing, here is a general, physical profile.

White Male, 6’2, adult weight from 170-210lbs with the fluctuations by design, former semi-athlete, university in the Northeast, a very typical sounding background and work experience for awhile(at least in NYC)though I have an atypical style about me. I have not just expanded my horizons, as so many will say, I really study the objects and entities of subjects that I enjoy, one of which is eating. Also, I do this to excruciating detail if I am able.

Everyone will tell you of their trips to Italy and France and Thailand and that, therefore, they must be experts. Certainly, this is not true just as the expectation that a chef who was brought over from some foreign land to cook their indigenous cuisine does not guarantee that they are any good.

Yes, it is great and almost necessary to go to the best places here and abroad but just being there is not enough. I hope that the fact that I care and have some knowledge and really compare one subject to another comes through to you, the audience, by the comparisons, notes and reasoning I put forth.


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