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About the Site

FoodOnlyMatters was created to put down the thoughts on food, in a systematic manner, of a man, NTG, who is very logical, rational, reasonable and critical in all matters. That man is myself. I have high-level expertise in other, more technical fields but am confident that in food, I am almost as competent.

While this will be a NYCcentric restaurant page(yes, another one) there will be postings on venues in other cities, domestically and abroad. Also, there will be commentary on retail stores, specialty food purveyors, etc. Finally, even postings about other bloggers, food websites and professional food critics will be written up.

The ultimate purpose is to put everything food through the critical filter, over and over if necessary, until only the best choices, in every category, at every level and style remain to be easily accessed by the discerning consumer.

I hope the information and writing here are interesting, enlightening and useful enough to distinguish this site from most of the useless drivel and misinformation out there in the wide world of anonymity. Thank you for reading.

Who this Site is For and Not

Those that are easily offended and require sugar coating and euphemisms for anything negative to be said, this is NOT FOR YOU.

It is for those who care to do better, find better, eat better, almost to a fanatical point. Most products are garbage and even most of what is said by the majority of people to be good is garbage. If you want to read about how this garbage is continually thrown out until some actually good and great things remain, this is FOR YOU.

If you can stand the criticism that might be deemed harsh by some but is just the truth with the purpose not of being negative for the sake of it but because there needs to be improvement, this is FOR YOU.

If only every step of eating, from food staples to restaurants, were of a great quality, there would be no need for this site. Every human could step outside and eat well without a care. That is an ideal but alas, the world is not within sight of this goal.

They writing style here is plain in description in order to bring home various points. This is not meant to be a forum for questions that are easily answered with an internet search or on a restaurant’s website.

If you are going to ask where a restaurant is, or what is on the menu, or something else of that nature that fills up food boards with stupidity without having used 10 seconds of your time to find out(there are exceptions for establishments without any internet presence, of course), this is NOT FOR YOU. Note, it would take you less time to search for that type of information than it does to post the question and wait for an answer, perhaps even just the posting. Inefficiency and ignorance of that level is disturbing to say it mildly.

There will probably not be many pictures, menus and info of that sort here(at least for now). That is readily available elsewhere. If one is interested in a more concrete, fine tuned assessment or would like a plain yes or no to tip them one way or the other, this site is FOR YOU.

Thank you for reading.


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