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Review: Dylan Prime

Posted by gambit50 on June 4, 2008

Dylan Prime, Tribeca, Manhattan, New York

A steakhouse catering to a different clientele than the usual in an odd location(at least I think so). This was a trendy starter back when it opened with a slick décor, near Soho/Tribeca border, basically a few traits that would appeal to a younger, sexier crowd than the old guard steakhouses. Seriously, Laight Street?

Though it is hard to completely screw up the dark, sexy interior of a restaurant if one is not too bold there are better and worse results. It is somewhat dark, as expected, but not too dark. This is a common problem to me. There are candles providing some of the illumination which satisfies both those desiring the romantic, sexy thang and those of us who care for some light to dine by. If you need that much privacy, well, you know….

There is still wood aplenty ala other steak joints but it is daintier in feel and more comfortable than the old joints that have had the same crap chairs forever. There is a wood floor and an open, large wine display. Everything is quite good. Not the best ever but certainly a nice setting. Note that this is the dining room which is separate from the large bar. One entrance, turn right and left, respectively.

The staff was friendly which is to be expected given their age and the target audience. However, while most places with a somewhat younger staff in a trendier type of place, they were not incompetent or hard on the upselling program. All in all, fine.

Let’s just move on to the meat and potatoes. I actually ordered the Colorado rack of lamb. Why? Because I was a touch skeptical of a hearty steak in this type of place and I really dig rack of lamb. Not that they would do that any better but this is how it went.

Surprisingly good. Cooked nicely, seasoned simply, solid meat quality, all in all above my expectation. I did also sample some steak, of course. The filet mignon was what I had. Pretty good, not great but up to a fair standard. I think the lamb was better, overall.

Also, had creamed spinach and mashed ‘taters. Spinach was nothing special but the potatoes were solid.

I must add a few sentences on the cocktails here. We ordered a couple drinks beforehand and I ordered a frou frou item. The St. Croix, fruity and quite reddish pink with the strawberry puree giving off that chick drink aura. I am good at guessing what is good and not(unfortunately, not perfect) from choices that I am not familiar with. I was getting quite a bit of grief about this cocktail but it was very good. For some reason, my dining mate decided to get one, as well, after giving me quite the business for awhile. I never said, “Oh, if you try it you will love it!” I said it was good, that was all. Anyways, we both had our fair share of them. While they were the highlight of the meal, the food was solid but that drink alone will probably boost it a point or two.

White chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Nothing special but not horrid. Another St. Croix, please!


Summary: A decent steakhouse in a neighborhood where one would not expect it. A bit hipper than the usual steakhouse décor. Solid food, good service. An acceptable place to eat. I would not seek it out for there is better food and this place is not a value but it is fine if it fits the need in the area or if you are invited to it. Last visit, Fall, 2000. Cost, $90/pp

62 Laight St
New York, NY 10013



Food: 81

Vibe: 80

Service: 81

Value: 74

Overall: 78


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