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Review: The Post House

Posted by gambit50 on May 25, 2008

The Post House, Upper East Side, New York, New York

The Post House is not one of the most talked about steakhouses in Manhattan. It is not a sexy type of place and it not in the few block radius of business hubbub, though close enough for me nor is it the type of place that the stodgy, money crowd of the Upper East Side would be slave to. Well, that is how I would guess it would be. Thus it is interesting to reveal what is within.

The Post House is located within or adjacent to the Lowell Hotel. It gives the usual pleasant vibe from the outside, that whole quiet feel of the townhouse blocks in the neighborhood. At this point it could lead to the UES crowd that I am no big fan of.

The interior is quite nice, certainly more refined than the usual upscale steakhouses of NYC. It is quite open and there is plenty of light though I must admit that I missed the noted art and additional refinements. This could be due to dining with a large group. There is plenty of spacing for all diners available and the placement of wine collections and flowers and such were well done. The dark spots of the decor (where I was not noticing the art) brought it toward steakhouse rather than Muffy’s tea spot but this was all in a good way. So far, it leaned toward UES restaurant rather than steakhouse but not too far and I did not find the décor stuffy or tacky. Certainly the best look in a restaurant where meat and potatoes and some refinement are both present.

The crowd was not what I expected. On a Saturday evening I was not expecting what seemed like quite a few non-Manhattanites. They were not so uncivilized as a true goomba crew would be. But they did not seem like the rowdier business suits who also came in for a weekend dinner. Maybe it was the refined bridge and tunnel set. Who knew that existed.

There were also quite a few locals but I just wanted to note that it was not overrun by UES types or Eurotrash as many restaurants are in this area. I think the high sound level of the place contributed to its very unUESness. Yes, that made-up word is quite a stretch but it should convey my meaning properly. In short, people were quite lively and it was too loud for a quiet, romantic meal but steakhouses are not meant for those, are they? The noise was less bothersome to myself and was contributed to by my group substantially since we were a party of 8 but we were not the instigators of substantial din.

Service was fair and competent. Nothing so special and nothing below standard for a place of this type. Seated with one of our party not yet present instead of the occasion where they might make 7 people wait for 1. Not much else to say, typical steakhouse type of service but on the kinder, gentler end. No coddling which is fine but perhaps this was also due to the size of our dining party.

Well, since this meal was not in the very recent past, I cannot comment on every detail but rather the overall impression. I had the sirloin and tasted the filet. Both solid and cooked to the desired temperatures. Certainly not the best steaks I have had but actually better than I expected. The sear or char is not as deep as the best but if they all were then they would all be the best. One gentleman’s wife did have a problem with her filet au poivre. I forget if it was the wrong order or just cooked completely incorrectly. Not a huge deal since she has received messed up or terribly prepared main courses on multiple occasions when we have dined together. I think she speaks too softly when ordering or something of that nature which causes the problem.

Appetizers ranging from Maryland crab cakes to shrimp were competent, nothing to really speak of. Lobster was OK, I forget if it was part of someone’s surf and turf or an appetizer. I did not have any salad or dessert though there were no raves for either. No complaints either but that does not mean anything.

The food is competent enough to warrant this place existing, especially since it is the Northernmost of said competent beef joints. A better than usual setting with good enough food.


Summary: Above expectation given the locale. It is good enough that I would be willing to dine there though I would not choose it myself. Not a destination or a top choice for steak but if there is some restriction on location or there is a need for a less steakhousy steakhouse environment, this will do. Cost: $85pp

28 E. 63rd
New York, NY 10021


Food: 81

Vibe: 82

Service: 82

Value: 77

Overall: 80


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