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I Hate Eggs and Cilantro(and Other Items)

Posted by gambit50 on April 22, 2008

1.The eggs part is not quite true. I believe due to a Pavlovian reaction rooted in my schoolboy days, I will not eat eggs as a stand alone item. Scrambled, deviled, over easy, any way, gross. I have no problem with eggs used as an ingredient. I even love quiche but only a really good one that is more about the other ingredients than it is about being an egg pie. When I make one, I usually reduce the yolk count.

Another item off the list, French Toast. Too eggy, it comes through on its own even with the bread, sugar, etc. I am sure it is possible to make this tolerable or perhaps even good but I don’t find the idea of it so impressive as to bother.

2. Cilantro, in one word, gross. I share this sentiment with someone who is a fair judge of food. We both just despise it. A strong, nasty alternative to other herbs. It is never good, never useful. I am quite sure if it were eliminated from all food nobody would really complain, even those who have it in their cuisine daily. I like Thai quite a bit, but cilantro will bring it down at least a notch. Take it out, is it worse for you? No and to myself, improved. And though I am not a huge fan of Mexican food, I can enjoy it but cilantro overwhelms it to the point it cannot be had. Fortunately, though it originated in the Mediterranean it is not used in those cuisines. Yes, you can say that it might be the genetic makeup that makes me hate it(the gene supposedly supposedly creates the hate/not taste in each individual) but I will just go with it always sucks.

3. Offal and other animal “parts”. A trendy movement lately, especially in NYC. I believe people just love to do things that are considered daring. Need to tell you about how cutting edge they are, how they LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE eating this and that, as if this makes them a connoisseur of food. If it were as commonplace to eat it here in America as it is in many parts of the world, I am quite sure the upper end and trendier establishments that serve it would not.

I am not a big fan of the parts overall.

Liver, gross for the most part, though I would try an expert French chef’s rendition if he so begged me.

Sweetbreads, I dig them but they must be cooked carefully. Quite easy to screw up one way or another.

Marrow, yes, it is good stuff. Not so much a part as it is a substance. If I had to eat it as a meat substitute, not so sure that would be appetizing.

Hearts, lungs, kidneys, all that mess. No thank you, it is not better than meat cuts so why bother?

Tripe, honestly, I have not had it that I can recall, though I am sure I have. I will reserve judgement for another day but I might not waste my meal ordering it. Perhaps a bit of someone else’s.



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